3 Best Mac free Feed Readers

Today I am listing out 3 Best free RSS feed reader applications for Mac operating system. For those who did not understand what is an RSS reader; it is small utility which allows anyone to read and update with information from a blog, magazine or news website. Once subscribed to those feed channels using your Feed Reader it will automatically fetch the latest news on that particular website and list it on your feed reader application. So reading the latest news from many websites is easy without visiting the blog/website every day.

So let’s look at the 3 best applications.

(1) Vienna Feed Reader – Vienna is an opensource applications which has a simple user interface and that makes it easier to read the feeds without any clutter. Vienna has a smart folder feature which created by specifying custom conditions so whenever a relevant news is found it will automatically sort it under those smart folders. Also you can create custom folders and move your feeds under those folders. Apart from all these features a customization feature for the interface make it different from all other Feed Readers available. (You are suppose to have skills on HTML and CSS)

(2) Shrook Feed Reader – Shrook is a freeware utility and it requires an account to be created on their website to continue using the service on the application. The synchronizing feature across multiple platform or devices make it versatile. Also easy one click feed subscribing, Twitter reading and posting, Smart groups and a scrapbook make it more convenient than other utility in this class.

(3) NetNewsWire Feed Reader – NetNewsWire also has the ability to synchronize the feed across multiple devices and the utility has extended the Feed Reader support to iPad and iPhone. NetNewsWire can be synced with your Google Reader account. That means if you already have plenty of Feeds saved on your Google Reader you can use that account in NetNewsWire and get the same feeds here. You can save the pages to Instapaper or delicious for later reading.

And one more Feed Reader which is in Cloud and my Favorite is Google FeedReader. It can be accessed using your Google email address and the feeds can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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