How to Enable Https in Hotmail Account for More Secured Mail Transaction

You must have noticed the http:// on the address bar of your web browser while accessing Hotmail but if you are a Gmail user you must have noticed a https:// on the address bar. That means mail transfer through the https will be secure. This SSL (Secured Socket Layer) is useful while you check your mail from a public computer or public wifi connected to your notebook. It will create a secure tunnel between client server to prevent against eavesdropping and tampering. A hacker with a sniffer running on the wifi network can break in to your browsing session and easily steal information. You can check my previous post on how to securely browse when you use a public computer. Hotmail has recently introduced https feature on their mail and other cloud services including Skydrive to ensure maximum security for the customers.

It will not turn on by default as they are warning that enabling this HTTPS may cause some error if you use:

*  Outlook Hotmail Connector
*  Windows Live Mail
*  The Windows Live application for Windows Mobile and Nokia

But after logging in to the Hotmail access can reach in to the page to Turn on/Turn off the Https service for your Hotmail services.

Even Hotmail notes that if you do not wish to turn on this service but you wish to use this service while you connect from a public network you can still enable this service for temporary by type in on the web browser.

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