How to Clean-up your Facebook Profile and Delete Unwanted things

Every time I have seen people are tend to click on whatever they seen on the Facebook. No matter what! They just follow their mates in Facebook list. There are millions of Facebook apps and, 90% of it will collect your personal information from your profile. A study says that at least 218 million user’s profiles are potentially infected by these apps. Also it says that there are 6 top ranked apps are hacked in Facebook! Which are those? Many of us are fan to Farmville, YoVille and how many other Villies are there? How many times you have answered those irrelevant quizzes to get illogical answers? It is a different way of collecting information or conducting a survey.

This is how your data is exposed when you add an app and you can see it is shared almost every bit of information about you.

Let’s see how to remove those unwanted applications from your profile.

Step 1 Click on “Privacy Settings

Step 2 Click on “Edit Settings”

Step 3 Click the “X” mark to remove the application

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