Can I use different Internet Browsers other than Safari on my Mac OS?

Of course! You can have different browsers other than the pre-installed Safari on your Mac. Almost all the Major web browsers are available for Mac today! In earlier days Mac does not had much option in terms of variety of applications as Windows operating system had. So that time a Mac user was forced to live with the application comes pre-installed. But today you can have a huge percentage of windows applications for Mac OS. So we are talking about different type of web browsers for Mac OS. Now let’s see what are the other options you are getting in Mac OS.

Google Chrome – Google has developed their browser and made available for Mac users. Mac users are getting the same Google Chrome as released for Windows users. Download the Google Chrome for mac from here

Camino – Camino web browser is a purely built for Mac and it has Keychain application support with Mac OS. Camino is popular for its in-built feature for blocking unwanted contents and protection for phishing and malware attacks. Also you are getting the basic feature like spell checking and session saving feature on this browser. Download Camino from here.

Mozilla Firefox – I do not think I will need to explain about Firefox browser because it is famous as an open source web browser. A user who was using the default internet browsers such and Internet explorer of Safari will first try Firefox because of its advanced features. Firefox has that much market share in Web browser category. Get your copy of Firefox for mac from here.

Opera For Mac – Opera is also as popular as Firefox browser. Its smart features and super-fast interface will make opera a resourceful browser. Get Opera for Mac

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