A Guide to Printer Management in Windows 7

Managing printers were quite easy task in Windows XP but when moved to Windows 7 everything had changed and as part of the operating system enhancement the features has become more advanced and kind of complicated. Printer management feature is one of a kind feature in Windows 7. Printer Management in Windows 7 has every feature that required for a Printer Server. In Windows XP server properties on the Printers and Faxes was everything to configure the printers. You will not find that option in Windows 7 but instead of that you will see Print management under the Administrative Tools>Print Management. If you expand the Print Server and then the Local computer name you will find complete features for printer management. The print manager classified the printer components in to Driver, Forms, Port and Printers.

Under Drivers heading you will find the relevant printer drivers for the installed printers.
Under Forms heading you can add/delete printer forms as per your requirement.
Under Ports heading you will find the already added printer port’s information. Also you can manage the existing printer ports and add new ports as well.
Under Printer heading you can find the printers available on the local PC. You will see name of the printer, driver version, printer status etc. Adding/Deleting of printer is possible here.

One added feature in Printer Management is the ability to create custom filters rules for printer activity. By default you will find 4 custom filters like filters for to show the Not Ready printers and the busy printer etc. If you left click on the Custom Filters heading you will find options for creating a New Printer Filter or New Driver Filter.

These filters are pretty intelligent and can be configured to trigger a mail notification up on any printer breakdown or any other major failures such as paper jam. It can also be configured to run certain scripts to fix the problem or gather certain information.

So when you plan to set up a print server next time don’t forget to explore Windows 7’s print management capability.

You can configure print management feature under Control Panel>Administrative Tools> Print Management
Or else you can easily navigate to Print Management by typing in Print on the search box on the start menu. It will show the Print Management icon on the first place.

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