5 Chrome Apps for Practical Use: Pros and Cons

The world of applications is expanding rapidly. As businesses, online and traditional students and regular Joes find that applications can be useful in everyday life, developers are creating even more. Google, for instance, has recently begun to create apps for their new search engine Google Chrome. Initially for their new product the Chromebook, the Google Chrome App store has released many fine apps that are practical for all users.

These apps include: Google Books, Dealmap, and Weather Window by WeatherBug, Podio and Fractulator.

Google Books is a very innovative app. What makes it different form other book applications is the concept of storing all your books in the cloud. Instead of taking up space on a user’s hard drive, users will store all their books within their account that they can access with any device that has an internet connection. This will be great for college students, when more textbooks become available digitally.

Pros: This Cloud technology is a new concept that will eventually take off and has the potential of becoming the new standard when it comes to storing information.

Most devices that can get a Wi-Fi signal will be able to use Google books including smart phones and tablets
Cons: If your device doesn’t have a signal or something is wrong with its signal catching technology, users will not be able to access your books.

The application will be very practical in the future of online training. However it will take some further convincing to make it the standard.

Dealmap is a very useful app for those who would like to save money. Whether the user is a student or a family person, stretching the dollar is important. Dealmap presents deals from many companies that can give great deals at restaurants, automotive repair and even massage parlors.

Pros: Saving money. For students, saving money for books or other school supplies is always appreciated. Parents of students will enjoy all the deals as well.
Cons: At the moment, not every company is represented by Dealmap.

This application has very obvious practical uses. And as more small business owners take advantage of the system, there will be more deals for people to take advantage of.

Weather Window by WeatherBug is a useful application that calibrates the geographical location and tells users what the temperature is as well as gives a forecast of the week. It updates frequently to give users the current weather if any changes occur.

Pros: It allows users to view forecasts for different areas so they can plan outings appropriately.
The app also has a Google Maps layer as well as Google Traffic map layer to help plan for difficult driving conditions.
Cons: The app does exactly what it is supposed to do. As a practical device, Weather Window is very helpful when trying to schedule around the weather as well as what to wear. It really doesn’t have any flaws.

Podio is essentially a social network for a business. Managers and their team use Podio in order to get their tasks done. Podio also has many free apps that different parts of the company can add to their specific Podio accounts. There are useful apps for sales, accounting and just about any other department a business could have.

Pros: Podio gives more structure to a business as well as keeps its employees on task and productive.
There are many apps that each department can download and use to make their work environment more productive.
Team members can chat with each other to see what they are doing.
It’s currently free.
Cons: Getting the process started and everyone using and understanding the software may prove to be a challenge for those who are unaccustomed to change.

This app is incredibly helpful for project managers to see who is working and who is not, making it very practical when deciding who to keep and who to fire. It may also provide a brilliant way to figure out employee raises

The Fractulator is a nice calculator that allows users to do fractions. Depending the user’s math skill level, this calculator can help lot with online learning and math homework.

Pros: Solving factions is a lot faster than it used to be. Homework will go by really fast.
Cons: All it does is fractions.

Still a very practical app if solving faction equations is too bothersome. With this application users can breeze through fraction work in a fraction of the time.

Google Apps like other application providers are useful and practical tools for any person or business. They help make things run smoother as well as create more innovative ways to get the job done. Though not all of them are universal yet, the future is coming quickly for applications.

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