5 Best Mobile Security Apps for Android Tablets

I was in search for a good security softwares for the Android Tablet. Well I was not disappointed by the options which I got it in the Android Market as I could see the top security solution provider’s product line there.(You know that Apple App Store is the #1 in providing apps but Android market has the most essential apps require for a Tablet) All of these were providing great features and protection for your device, so it is really hard to decide which product is actually require on your Android Tab. So I have decided to create a quick review for the major security products in the Market.

The first product in my Android Security product pipeline is

Mcafee Mobile security suite is packed with multiple security features to meet any mobile security threats. The suite has McAfee VirusScan Mobile, McAfee WaveSecure, and McAfee SiteAdvisor. It has a mobile remote locking facility via web and sms also the data backup and restore can be done on the cloud space provided on secured McAfee storage servers. The data will be completely secure and even if its stolen you can initiate a remote wipe on the device.You data remains untouched by an unknown. With all these features McAfee does nt comes free but you can try the software on trial for 7 days with full features enabled.

You must be familiar with the name Lookout as we have recently reviewed this excellent mobile security software on Hackstacks. If you have n’t covered the news check it out to read the complete features of Lookout Mobile Security here.

Norton the Symantec product is known for the best security product has extended their expertise in Mobile security for Android based devices. The Norton Mobile security provides protection against any type of virus attacks reported on mobile devices. It has excellent anti-malware protection to secure your device while browsing on the Internet. A unique feature of this tool is it locks the device itself as soon as the SIM has been removed. Also it can be used to block unwanted calls and SMS. The app is currently in Beta so you can expect more good features coming up in future.

AVG the best free tool known to be for pc’s is now available to secure Android based devices. This security tool is similar to McAfee mobile security suite and shares the same type of features but there are some advanced features ported on this software makes it versatile. a)Which are like A real time scanning for Apps, settings and media files. b) A task manager like feature to kill the running programs which slow down your device.c) Also it scans your device’s settings for any vulnerability and report you to take necessary actions.

BitDefender is now available as Beta. It does provides the regular features such as file scanning and Web security. BitDefender claims that the app will not hog your battery power while its running. The scanner will work as on demand for malware scanning.The app is very light so when you have this app on your device it will never slow down your device. The app is fully cloud integrated so there is no need of a periodic updates to receive malware signatures to avail you a best protection. The best feature of this security tool is the ability to do a security scan and provide you the report. The security scan will run through the installed application and give you the permissions provided for each apps installed.This feature will help you to do an audit once in a while to know the permissions of each apps on your device.


As you can see some features are common in all these apps but each of these apps has one or more unique features for security. So I am sure atleast two app from this list will get place on your Android device.

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